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Brian Powley
In today’s business environment, running a high performing growth business is complex. It requires great leadership, innovative thinking, targeted resources, and a commitment to building a culture of success.
Leaders must be clear and consistent about the company’s goals and standards. They must build a unified and aligned team with personal integrity, the discipline to drive high performance and the ambition to build a work environment where people can thrive.

What We Do

Brian works exclusively with executives and business leaders in mid-market companies to develop effective common practices and improve performance in four key areas:


A company’s leadership team must be aligned and unified around clear goals and initiatives, otherwise the business will suffer. Additionally, creating a culture of success where employees are happy and can do their best work starts with leadership.

Brian provides strategic support and coaching to executives who wish to improve their leadership performance and build a culture of success, this includes working with and serving on boards.


Whatever the life-stage of your business, growth is a must. Do you have a clear growth plan? Do you know who your best customers are and how to grow them? Do you have a clear new business strategy?

Brian provides strategic advice on your current growth plan and helps create solutions to improve results whether attracting new customers or building long-term profitable partnerships with existing customers.


Does your company’s strategic plan outline goals for the now, near and far? Is it flexible to cope with change? Do you have a clear set of initiatives; metrics and an action plan to meet them.

Brian provides an objective evaluation of your plan and offers strategic advice and support to create a roadmap over the now, near and far.


If the communication from leadership is not clear, teams, business units and outside partners risk delivering a subpar performance. Intra-company communications play a huge role in keeping employees and partners informed and motivated to perform.

Brian partners with business leaders to formulate clear and consistent guidelines and standards for effective communication.


In his eight years at iCrossing, serving most recently as its Global President, he helped lead the company from a $25 million search business to $125 million global full-service digital advertising business with 900 employees. The Hearst Corporation acquired iCrossing in June 2010.

Brian has a proven track record of leading and running companies, solving client problems, improving performance and driving results in the digital media and advertising sector.

In a people-driven service industry, Brian has achieved success by placing a priority on individual and team development while building a culture where employees feel happy and can do their best work.

Brian has over 25 years of sales, marketing, business management, and executive leadership experience. He brings deep expertise driving growth and performance in global roles at iCrossing, Modem Media, MRM Worldwide, OgilvyOne Worldwide, Ziff-Davis and EMAP Publishing.

A passionate and energetic leader whose personal discipline and drive inspire people to achieve at their highest levels while achieving exceptional performance and results.

He loves the axiom you don’t manage margin, you manage the business, margin is the outcome – and he believes it all starts with the people!


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